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About the Granny game

You are locked in a horror house in the Granny game. You have to escape from the house with a crazy granny. If you get caught, the game will end immediately.

You are locked

You open your eyes and find yourself locked in a dark room. The only thing that illuminates you is the flashlight in your hand. Your head has been hit by someone and you are in danger. A creepy grandma can kill you anytime. Therefore, you must run as soon as you have the opportunity. She gives you five days to escape the house. Of course, she will always be on the lookout for you during these five days. When she sees you, you can be killed. Look for items and clues in the house to open the exit door. If you hesitate or make any sound, the crazy granny will rush to you immediately. This game has bloody details and the old woman character will also startle you. Therefore, it is not for the faint of heart and children.

Granny is scary

This horror game has a scary house setting where you can find many broken wrestlers. Occasionally, you will also find streaks of blood stretching on the floor. If you don't get out of the house quickly, you will be the next victim of the mad granny. The game has a dark color as the main color, making the game even more gloomy. In addition, the creepy music associated with each character's movements will increase your fear. Don't be surprised when the horror character appears. Moreover, you will play in the first person perspective which makes every emotion and movement more realistic. Remember, the scary granny can hear every sound you make. So be careful! Remember to prepare a mind of steel when playing this game!

Various difficulties

The game provides 5 different difficulties: extreme, hard, normal, easy, and practice. Initially, I think you should explore the house and understand the map of the house by playing Practice mode. In this mode, the mad woman will not be at home. You are free to discover the house and find a way out. However, you should still be careful with deadly traps. Once you are familiar with the house and the rooms, you can hone your skills in the next modes. The rooms and the way to unlock the door will not change through the modes. But, Granny's movement speed will get faster and faster through the difficulties. The creepy old lady will move the fastest with Extreme difficulty. Can you get out of the terrible house?

How to escape from Granny's house

To avoid being killed, you have to move fast to find hidden keys. You must stay alert and act as quickly as possible because the killer can always find you.

Interact with objects

You can control your character to move and use the items in the house. For example, when you hear Granny's footsteps, you can immediately crawl under the bed. Also, be sure to check the drawers, boxes and cupboards because they include a lot of useful information and items for you. Be careful when moving in the house because the evil granny also sets traps on the floor. You can use a few tools to disable them.

Keep silent

With a better ear than the normal person, the crazy lady can hear every little sound you make. When she hears the sound, she will quickly go to the place where the sound is. Then the great option is to run as fast as possible to avoid the killer's sight. Think carefully before you want to throw something on the floor.

Tips and tricks

  • Although the scary character has good hearing and great strength, she is not too smart. You can escape right behind her, but you need to make sure you won't run within her sight. Granny will not ignore you if she sees you running away and entering a hiding place.
  • Besides, you can use tricks to distract the old lady when you need a long time to do something. How to do this? You can make a noise in a room to lure her there. You will then immediately jump to the next room through the window.
  • To open the exit door, household items are essential. They will be randomly placed in the house so you need to search the house to find them. Sometimes, you will see some suggestions appear on the screen. Remember to follow them!
  • If you want to drop objects from your hands without making a sound, you can drop them on soft furniture, cabinets, tables, shelves, and grass.

Objects and weapons inside Granny's house

You need to use some objects for some special aims. They can help you in escaping. Now, let's learn more about the advantages of these objects! From that, you don't spend much time thinking about their benefits.

  • The backyard's winch handle is used to pull the bucket out of the well.
  • A unique lock on the Main Door can be opened using the Padlock Code and the Battery.
  • The closet under the stairs in the Main Hallway can be opened using the remote control.
  • The Cogwheels open the Cogwheel Safe in the Backyard Playhouse.
  • The Wrench is used to install the Car Engine component.
  • The car's engine means you can get out using the car.
  • The Spark Plug means driving away.
  • Place the car battery inside the vehicle as one potential escape route.
  • Granny's playful Spider will be distracted by the Meat.
  • The Bird Seed will help the crow in the Crow Room get the item from the cage by distracting it.
  • Melon provides a number of products.

How to control

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use the C key to crouch or stand
  • The R key to hide or unhide
  • Use the E key to pickup or interact
  • Press the spacebar to drop something
  • Press the F key to remove bear traps, place or use
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot or spray.