Age of War

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It's time to enter the Age of War game to experience an epic base defense strategy game. Take part in the battles through the ages and eliminate all opponents.

Information about the Age of War game

The background of this game is wars between races through different eras. Defend your territory and capture your opponent's territory with great strategies. Let's start with wars in primitive times. Live in a cave and use simple weapons such as bows and arrows, wooden sticks, and animals to fend off the onslaught of opponents. Besides, you also have a great plan to develop enough forces to reach their base. Capture your opponent's base and earn lots of XP. Notice the right corner of the top screen to build your units.

When you own a certain amount of XP, you can develop your civilization to become more modern. As a result, you can use new and advanced technological weapons in the battles that follow. For example, residents riding dinosaurs will turn into flying tanks with great destructive power.

Ages in the Age of War game

The game provides five stages of evolution. They are the Stone age, Castle age, Renaissance age, Modern age, and Future age. Killing enemy troops helps you to collect XP points. Gaining a certain amount of XP helps you upgrade to a new age.