Angry Granny Run: India

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Description of Angry Granny Run: India

Angry Granny Run: India is a running game in which you assist the grandma to run away from the psychiatric hospital while overcoming or avoiding obstacles.

Almost everyone knows the horror rumor about Granny and everyone calls her a monster. So do you know why she's so scary? What happened to you in the past? She was locked up and experimented in by an evil mental hospital. This is also the reason why she became so evil and horrible. If there was a chance to get her out of that mental hospital, would you do it? Come to Angry Granny Run: India to get started.

Your task is to help her run as fast as possible to pass or avoid obstacles. During your escape, you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery of the places you pass by such as elephants or Buddha statues. However, just running and avoiding collisions with people and things is insufficient. You must also pick up every penny you see. You will use them afterward to pay for any character enhancements. You must piece together words to go past the structures.

How to play

Use arrow keys to control.