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About Backrooms

Are you ready to enter a horror world in Backrooms? Challenge your bravery and find a way to survive from utopian monsters in a horror place.

This game belongs to the survival genre where you need to survive in Backrooms. After its release in 2019, this survival game is popular immediately in the video game world thanks to its thrilling gameplay. With this video game, you will enter a strange and limited space that was once a trend on the internet. As a result, it will be the most bizarre horror game for a lot of players. This game is more horror than the Noob vs Evil Granny game. Are you ready to join this adventure game?

How To Survive

It is no longer odd that this horror game has unique and terrible sounds. In the Backrooms game, your character stumbles onto an eerie location including several bizarre rooms and passageways. All of them are too old and stale since they have not been used in years and there have been no visitors for decades. Let's use your superior intelligence to determine the fastest method to leave this structure.

Before you can formulate an effective plan, you must investigate everything in this building. Sometimes, you'll discover valuable products or messages and wonder who wrote them. You may sometimes feel uncomfortable due to weird sounds and a dismal environment, but you should not be scared of this. Focus your eyes and mind on your objective, and all problems will be resolved with a click of the mouse. If you want to explore more horror games, let's check out Granny.

All Creatures In This Horror Game

In the Backrooms game, you will face many terrifying entities. Each entity will give you a unique experience. The only thing in common between the entities is fear. Here, you can track some information about 3 common entities.

Entity ##

  • Appearance Location: Entity ## can be a bacteria or a cable monster. They usually appear in the first levels. It will appear when you pass them and chase you.
  • How to Kill: Avoid the dark orange fluorescent lights because this is the area where this entity is waiting for you. If they chase you, hide in the closet.

Entity #3

  • Appearance Location: Entity #3 is the smiler. It appears in dark rooms at various levels.
  • How to Kill: Don't go near these realities. You need to avoid it by going behind a door or wall. In particular, you need to avoid making eye contact with it.

Entity #8

  • Appearance Location: Entity #8 is the hound. They usually appear in the vents. You can hear them when you get close.
  • How to Kill: When you are being chased by them, hide in the lockers. then, wait for them to go inside the vent and use a screwdriver to close the vent. Note that some vents are broken and cannot be locked.

Try to escape from these creatures and survive in the horror Backrooms game!