Backrooms: SCP 173

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About Backrooms: SCP 173

Backrooms: SCP 173 is one of the recent stormy horror games. Your only mission is to escape from the spooky office and not get killed by the creepypasta monster.

Along with the success of the classic horror game Backrooms, Backrooms: SCP 173 has become one of the most sought-after horror games of its time. Are you ready to enter the dark world, scary quiet offices with the existence of horror monsters?

In this game, you will be trapped in a dark office with dim lights. There was a Creepypasta monster roaming there. If it encounters a living thing, it will kill them without hesitation. In addition, this monster is very hearing, even a small sound will attract it. Therefore, to be able to leave this gloomy office, you must move very gently and make sure that the lights are always on. Besides, make sure around you is good terrain so you can hide if monsters appear.

How to control

  • WASD = Move
  • Space = Open your eyes
  • E = Pick up items
  • F = Activate items