Backrooms Slender Horror

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Are you ready to run away from the Slender monster in Backrooms Slender Horror game? Find the necessary items to defeat Slender and escape from the house.

The context of Backrooms Slender Horror

Locked in the house of the monster Slender without knowing the reason, you are trying to escape the monster's hunt to survive. Explore every room and find Slender's weak point. After that, find the necessary items to defeat this monster and escape from this scary maze-like house. You should remember that you should not make loud noises. If Slender hears any sound, you will face danger soon.

To make your escaping journey more likely to succeed, keep the following control instructions in mind. Move your character by using the W, A, S, and D keys. Pick up objects or open doors in the house by pressing the E key. The F key is used to drop objects or unhide from under the bed. Finally, use the C key to control your character to sit or stand.

The house in Backrooms Slender Horror

The house is covered in a dark color and there are no lights. What helps you to see your surroundings is a flashlight that you are holding in your hand. The creepy house has many rooms that do not follow any rules like in the Backrooms game. The furniture in the house is also old and will make strange sounds if you touch it. Therefore, you should be careful before deciding to touch something in the house.