Baldi's Basics

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Overview of Baldi's Basics

Baldi's Basics is a horror game also called Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning. Your task is to collect all seven notebooks while hiding from Baldi.

Developers and Admirable Reviews

Micah McGonigal who adopts the alias Mystman12, designed the spoof survival horror game Baldi's Basics. Micah McGonigal is an indie developer, so this entertaining game will be great entertainment for single players. The facts also prove this. Since its launch in March 2018, this action game has attracted millions of players around the world. Moreover, the rating of this game is very high. It is 9/10 on Steam. This achievement results from engaging survival gameplay and amazing 3D graphics.

Besides, there is a fact that few players know. After this, Basically Games is also the developer of this puzzle game. You can look forward to exciting innovations when there is a partnership between the two publishers.

Game Description

This game is rated as one of the most popular horror video games in the online gaming world. Although this horror game has some spoppy elements, it will give you the best entertainment moments.

The setting of Baldi's Basics is a scary old school. In this indie game, our protagonist is greeted by a ludicrous elementary school instructor. The atmosphere is buoyant, and there are several upbeat and enthusiastic tunes. At first look, there are few if any reasons for alarm. However, something unusual and awful is occurring behind the scenes. The worst has not yet occurred. Only the most courageous will endure.

Some Other Information

The Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning game is designed based on the Unity engine. Therefore, players can access it easily on multiple platforms. Currently, you can play this educational video game on 7 platforms, including Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux, Mac operating systems, and Classic Mac OS. These platforms are all very common across devices. It is a utility. You can directly access our Granny website to have the best experience with this game.

Besides, when you finish this single-player video game, there are a few questions that won't be answered. If you want to uncover that secret, try to type 31718. As a result, you can unlock "This Is Where It All Began" to uncover the hidden things.

Finally, Get ready when 99 appears. That's when the game warns you to get ready.

Playing Instructions To Win This Horror Game

As I mentioned earlier, players have to find out seven notebooks while evading Baldi. They use a vast array of tactics to make the player's professors and classmates seem unsuitable. Each notebook contains three straightforward math problems. However, the second will soon end, and you will no longer be allowed to play. If the player maintains Baldi's steady movement, it will be more difficult for him to fail impossible demands. Once the player has discovered all of the journals, Baldi will urge them, "Get out while there's still time!" However, the player has to find out three false exits to know the real one. Good luck!

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