Block Granny Horror

1 votes 3.5/5

Are you ready to play a horror game with a completely new style in Block Granny Horror? Keep yourself and your family safe from the creepy granny.

The mission of the survival horror game

The Block Granny Horror game is an exciting horror game with Minecraft graphics. Unlike the mission in Granny, you have to take on greater responsibility when in this game. Besides protecting yourself, you also need to keep your family safe from the terrible grandma. Let's use your arrow keys and mouse to move around the forest and collect useful items. Are you confident to complete well your duties? Show us! Finally, this horror game with the Minecraft style has no limited elements, so anyone is able to play this game.

How to control

When you first play this game, there are simple and quick instructions for you. Follow these instructions to understand how to control your character and play the game.