Christmas: Night of Horror

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If the Christmas holiday is in the danger, are you ready to protect and keep a safe and happy Christmas for children? If your answer is yes, let's take your gun and enter the Christmas: Night of Horror game to eliminate all monsters.

What is Christmas: Night of Horror?

This game is designed with a Christmas theme along with horror elements. Today is Christmas, but one bad thing happens. In specific, there are a lot of dangerous monsters such as Slenderman, Momo, and Siren Head that appear to destroy the peace and happy Christmas holiday. In order to protect the great day which is just one time a year, you decided to eliminate all these monsters.

In order to complete this task, you have to understand the way to control your game character. First, you use WASD to walk and use your computer mouse to aim and fire. There are some keys you have to remember including the X, F, R, H, and G keys. They are used to jump, use items, reload, open holster weapons, and use the grenade. In addition, to sprint and crouch, you use the left Shift and left Ctrl. Let's practice by playing often to master control.

Features of the game

  • Like other horror games such as Last Mage Standing and Office Horror Story, the game will appear in many horror images like dark space and monsters.
  • The game offers a one-player mode. Therefore, you have to overcome all challenges and difficulties by yourself.