Color Horror

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Welcome to the Color Horror game to enjoy a thrilling game. In this game, controlling the direction of a line to avoid colliding with the different color numbers is your goal.

How to play Color Horror

This game is designed with simple gameplay but is difficult to conquer. In addition, it also has horror elements. Let's explore this game together.

There are many numbers with different colors lying anywhere on the playing platform. Sometimes you will see very few numbers while sometimes a lot of numbers are crowded in one location. Your task in this game is to control a line to go as far as possible. Besides, destroying as many numbers with the same color as the line while avoiding different color numbers is a necessary task. In places where many numbers gather, it will be quite challenging for you to pass it without colliding with numbers of different colors.

So what happens if your line collides with numbers of different colors? As soon as there was such a collision, a horror character suddenly appeared on the screen. Its appearance announces that you lose. You may be startled or surprised to experience this. Good Luck!

Interesting features of Color Horror

  • The gameplay of the game is interesting with the appearance of horror elements that make players have many expressions when playing.
  • Horror monsters are diverse. Let's see which horror character scares you the most
  • The music transforms with every minute you play. Sometimes, you can rely on the music to feel the difficulty of the game.