Cursed Treasure 1.5

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Let's get ready to enter Cursed Treasure 1.5 to protect the gems of Overlord in the underworld. Let show us the way you prevent others to keep these gems safe.

The context of Cursed Treasure 1.5

People normally witness the struggle between heroes and people in the dark world. It seems that people in the underworld are always bad. However, when you enter this Adventure game, everything will be completely different. Overlord Dark Lord owns 3 endless strengths and heroes have the intention of stealing them to own the gems' power. Therefore, you take the responsibility of preventing these heroes to keep these gems safe.

How to play

In order to succeed in protecting and completing the task, it's important to build and upgrade towers, cast powerful spells, and learn useful skills. Let's create solid fences and eliminate all bad intentions. Using your mouse or tapping are some controls for you to build towers and cast spells. If you want to experience a horror game, you can visit Block Granny Horror.