Death Note Type Game

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Welcome to Death Note Type Game which is a great entertaining game with horror elements. Play the game to write names in the death book.

Overview of the game

Perhaps everyone is too familiar with the main character Light Yagami in the animated series Death Note. For those who don't know, this movie is about Light Yagami's desire to destroy the bad guys in the world. He happened to be in possession of a death notebook. Just write the names of the bad guys on that notepad, and they will die.

The game Death Note Type Game is a simulation game of this movie. In this game, you will own a death notebook like Light Yagami. Your task is to write the names in that notebook. Whose name will you write in this death notebook? If you find this game interesting, Three Nights at Fred and Steveman Horror will be interesting games that you may like.

How to play

The player uses the keyboard to write in the death notebook the names.