Drive Mad

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Take part in crazy driving in the Drive Mad game for great moments. Are you ready to conquer dangerous roads and become a skilled driver in this game?

How to play Drive Mad

The basic controls of this driving game are using the right arrow to move the car straight and the left one to move backward. Speed control will be an extremely important part if you want to conquer strange and dangerous roads. For example, if your car goes too fast, your car may not brake in time when going downhill. As a result, it will be flipped. The more dangerous the roads, the better your driving skills are. Have a great time!

Features of this driving game

  • The mechanics of this game are similar to other normal driving games like Derby Crash 4 or Speed Rush. The roads that your car has to go through will be more and more dangerous and difficult to conquer.
  • This game is not limited to age, gender, or playtime and can be played anywhere or at any time.
  • Eye-catching graphics with images of off-road vehicles and dangerous tracks. Besides, the sound effects also always change in accordance with the playing process.