Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night

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About Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night


Welcome to the latest installment in the renowned horror franchise called Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night in which destroying all animatronics is your aim.

Good sleep is a problem for you every night. The reason is that horror cartoon characters at this time will come and kill you. Therefore, you are now armed with a shotgun. Your job is to correctly aim and destroy any animatronics that attempt to invade your bedroom and bite you as you sleep. The animatronic will suddenly arrive at one of two side doorways or in the room's center. You must think swiftly and fire as rapidly as possible to defeat them. If you pause for even a second, you will be eliminated and the game will be finished. It is incredibly difficult for you like in Granny, The House, and Baby Survival Challenge. Nonetheless, do not give up. To retry, click the Play again button. Make every effort to eliminate all animatronics to achieve victory.

The story

The overrated yet deadly and beloved robots are here again and it’s up to you to stop them! After a night surviving them, you realize that closing doors is pathetic. You are now going to bed again, this time with your dad’s shotgun

The animatronic’s plan tonight is to tranquilize you and bite you in your sleep. Tonight, that’s not going to happen!

Some interesting things of the game

This game has five animatronics based on the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise, featuring Chica, Freddy, Bunny, Foxy, and Plushtrap.

The graphics and sound effects are designed with a horror theme. A vivid sound system combined with horror images will give players a feeling of suspense and anxiety. The game challenges the courage of the players, as they are always faced with scary images.

Simple controls by clicking on the animatronics to shoot enemies. Use top-notch shooting skills to wipe out those who stand in your way

Play Five Days At Freddy's: Rage At Night

Your mission

You are in a haunted room. Every night you will be disturbed by creepy creatures. Your task in this game is to destroy all these creatures and go to sleep. Play and show off your gun buddy skills.

How to win

This is a war between you and the animatronics, they are here to take your life. You need to shoot any animatronic that appears within your room. In this fight, time is very important, you must be a second late to lose. You will have a preparation time of 3 seconds, during which the wardrobe opposite your bed will open revealing the animatronic that you need to destroy. When the closet closes, the battle begins. You only have 3 seconds to find and destroy them. The time of 3 seconds ends, if you still can't destroy them, you die. After shooting all the robots, you win! Remember, do not get hit.

How to play: Use the mouse to aim and kill animatronic.