Five Nights At Freddy's 2

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Five Nights At Freddy's 2 is the second part in the frightening horror FNAF game series. Surviving five nights at a fictional pizza restaurant is your aim.

The game FNAf 2 is the sequel to FNAF 1. However, the story progression is not in the correct order. Coming this 2nd version, the story will be returned to 30 years ago of the first version.

Review of This Survival Horror Game

It can be said that FNAF horror games are too familiar for every player. Every part of this horror series brings players moments of surprise and fear. Come to the second part of this FNAF series with Five Nights At Freddy's 2 to become a security guard.

Player Quests

Your responsibility is to watch the cameras and ensure that nothing goes wrong. In addition, you are given an empty Freddy Fazbear head at this moment. When you discover that animatronics are breaking into a security room, you may deceive them by wearing this head. Be vigilant! The animatronics may enter the room at any moment and attack you, therefore you must often check the cameras and switch on the lights. However, do not leave the lights on for too long in an effort to save electricity, since energy is limited. Try to live until 6 am to unlock the next night.

How To Overcome Nights


This game consists of six nights and one minigame instead of 5 nights like the first version. Night 6 is particularly difficult to pass since all animatronics are highly active. They may enter the security room several times, therefore you must often inspect all cameras and wear protective headgear. After completing Night 6, a minigame is unlocked. In this game, you operate an animatronic to achieve various objectives. This game will really depict a strange tale regarding the death of children. Are you ready to emerge in the horror world?


There's a tip for you to beat the nights in FNAF. First, you should start checking the vents. In particular, you should flash the light 3 times if you see the camera move.

Second, animatronics frequently appear in the vents. You should wear a mask and wait until they disappear.

There is an animatronic in the music box. You need to check it regularly and screw the music box. This will prevent the appearance of that animatronics.

FNAF2's Spotlight

You should consider it before reading the information below because they will give you some developments about this adventure game.

  • In this horror game, you will see the first appearance of Foxy. Foxy may be slightly different from the previous version. It has the tendency of a pirate.
  • Next, you'll go through Nightmare and explore the Bite of 87 event.
  • Finally, you can face other animatronics like Shadow Bonnie and Chica.

You can rely on this information to prepare for the upcoming survival battles. Survival is not difficult but also extremely challenging. To be able to achieve this goal, it all depends on your ability.

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