FNF Escape

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Take part in an adventure with Boyfriend in one of the scariest games called FNF Escape. Get through every level in the game while trying to avoid antagonistic characters.

What you do in FNF Escape

Your girlfriend is lost in a strange place where there are many villains like Dad and Mom. You in the Boyfriend character are responsible for finding your Girlfriend, avoiding the evil characters, and escaping from this place.

During the finding journey, you can find useful items. For example, glasses help you to see through the walls. As a result, you can know the coming dangers and prepare the strategies to escape. Pliers or an electric fuse are also useful sometimes. Are you confident to escape this horrible place with your Girlfriend?

Some interesting information about the game

  • This game is inspired by Friday Night Funkin' and Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • There are a lot of environments for you to experience including school, hospital, house, and dungeon. Each place has its own strong and weak points for you.
  • Each environment provides you with three levels: easy, normal, and hard. Besides, you can choose antagonistic characters to fight against from Dad, Mom, and Double Trouble.
  • Open as many doors as possible to look for many useful items which help you get through each mission.