FNF: Red Light Green Light

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Let's be with the characters in FNF to participate in the survival challenge in FNF: Red Light Green Light. Let's see if our characters win this squid game.

How to play

The rules of this game are quite similar to the Squid Challenge game. When the green light appears, you can move. When the red light appears, you are not allowed to move. A scary character in the game detects your movement, it will shoot you. As a result, you fail to complete the task. You should pay attention to the time because you will lose if you don't complete the task within the given time. Good luck!

Some more information about FNF: Red Light Green Light

Background of FNF: Red Light Green Light

As I mentioned above, this game is a survival game inspired by Friday Night Funkin' and Squid Game. The Game developer of Play-Games.com created this game in May 2021 and developed the online version in October 2021.

The characters

A variety of famous characters in FNF are available in this game. They are Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Whitty, Tankman, Sonic.exe, Garcello, Mom, Daddy Darest, Pico, Monster, etc. Feel free to choose your favorite character to play in this game.