For Honor Warrios.io

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Be a brave warrior and participate in a no-rule battle in the For Honor Warrios.io game. Destroy all dangerous opponents and become the pride of your homeland.

The rule of For Honor Warrios.io

In this game, 16 brave warriors are fighting non-stop to win the championship. You are one of those 16 warriors. Holding a sharp sword, be ready to destroy all opponents with your strength and courage.

Let's start the game by giving your character a cool name. After that, you take part in the battle immediately. Each player who first enters the game has to start at a basic level. Therefore, you should control your warrior to move around and collect the orbs to increase your score. For smaller opponents than yours, you can eliminate them. Keep in mind that it's so hard to defeat bigger opponents. Therefore, your character should stay away from them if you don't want to fall prey to them.

Some great features of For Honor Warrios.io

  • The game has a multiplayer feature. It means that you will take a battle with real players from all over the world.
  • The playing field in this game is designed as an arena of ancient battles.
  • Dynamic sound effects help boost players' fighting spirit.