Freddy's Runner

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About Freddy's Runner

Freddy's Runner is a fun survival-running game in which players have to run as fast as possible to escape from the horror of Freddy. Break a leg!

How to play

Welcome to the survival race in Freddy's Runner game! The appearance of horror monsters causes the number of humans to decrease. You are one of the people currently being chased by these monsters, especially Freddy. Your mission is to run as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles, collect all the gold coins on the way, and run to the hideout. To help your character escape and avoid obstacles, use the arrow keys or the WASD key. If you are caught by Freddy, the only consequence is death and of course, the game will be over. After that intense chase, you can relax with Magic Cat Academy, Duo Survival, and Market Boss. Have a great time!