Friday Night Funkin'

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About Friday Night Funkin'

Enter Friday Night Funkin' to take part in an engaging arcade game. Your task is to use the arrow keys at the appropriate times to compete with your opponents.

Welcome to Friday Night Funkin' to enjoy vibrant visuals and amazing effects. The game is so interesting and also a stormy game from the release date. All players of all ages can play the game without worrying about any issues. In addition, this engaging game you the opportunity to hone your mastery abilities. Your mission is to compete with your adversary who is the father of your partner. His condition for you to adore his daughter is that you must defeat him in musical duels. Use the arrow keys or WASD to navigate through the musical notes. To win, aim to strike more accurately than your opponent.

Two game modes are available including Free Play and Story Mode. In Free Play mode, you may select your favorite song to play, however in Story Mode, you will hear various songs each week. If you find the game difficult, try the Tutorial mode first. Finally, if you want to try more exciting games, let's check out Cabin Horror and The House.