Garfield Scary Scavenger

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Join the Garfield Scary Scavenger game to help Garfield find seven hidden objects in the haunted house. Control Garfield to move from room to room to complete the goal.

Garfield Scary Scavenger information

The Garfield cat is too famous for his brave adventures. One day, Garfield receives a letter suggesting he go to a haunted house to find 7 items. They are Assorted Donuts, Chocolate Converd Donuts, Sour Cream Donuts, Mini Powered Suger Donuts, Blueberry Mufins, Chocolate Chip Mufins, and Mini Cinnamon Donuts. Let's explore this haunted house with our brave cat and complete the quest.

Entering this game, the cat Garfield is standing in front of the door of the house. To enter the house, you need to control your cat to find the key to the house. Double-click the left mouse button to open the places you suspect contain the items you need. Move from room to room of the house and explore every corner to find objects. Dining tables, wardrobes, refrigerators, etc are highly likely places containing one of seven items. Let's get ready to explore.

Interesting features of Garfield Scary Scavenger

  • The character of the Garfield cat in the adventure movies will give you a sense of adventure as well as a famous character.
  • The house is clean and beautiful but has haunted objects. You may be startled when you unfortunately see them.
  • Like other horror games such as Grandpa, the music often changes to suit every moment of your adventure.