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Get ready to participate in the escaping journey from one of the scariest enemies in the Grandpa game. With the first-person perspective, you will become more excited than ever.

The context and mission of Grandpa

In the game world, you enjoy your moments while walking on the street happily. Suddenly, everything around you becomes black. During finding the way to come back home, you have lost in a scary old Asylum. There is a crazy old grandpa in this spooky house who will kill you if he encounters you. As a result, you have to escape from this place as well as the creepy grandpa. This mission is completely similar to the one in the Granny game.

When you first access the game, you will see an image of grandpa. After that, you choose the game mode to play from Normal mode and Brutal mode. Both two modes have the same mission in which you flee from the enemy, search for objects, and solve puzzles to continue. The brutal mode will be more difficult than the Normal mode. Therefore, if you are the one who just plays the game, let's experience this horror game in the Normal mode first.

Instruction to control the character

It's important to understand how to navigate your character in this survival horror game to escape. Therefore, there is a brief guideline for you below:

  • WASD to walk
  • Mouse to look
  • Left Mouse button to attack
  • F to interact
  • Left Shift to run
  • Left Ctrl to crouch
  • X to prone
  • Space to jump