Granny: Chapter Two

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About Granny: Chapter Two

Welcome to Granny: Chapter Two which is a scary horror game. When you take part in this game, your mission is to run away from Grandma and Grandpa.

If you have ever played the horror game Granny, you certainly cannot ignore Granny: Chapter Two. This game is considered the second part of the Granny game and its level of horror and horror will be double that of part one. The reason why this is so is that in this part there are both Grandma and Grandpa.

Specifically, you discover yourself in a horror house haunted by Grandma and Grandpa, where you must survive for five nights in order to win the game. Grandma has superior hearing than Grandpa, but he strikes harder. Therefore, be wary of both as well as the bear traps they've set up for you. When you encounter them, you can hide beneath beds or in closets. In addition, pay attention to every detail in the house because it may contain hints to help you find the way out.

How to control

Move around and interact with your environment by using the mouse.