Granny Hidden Skull Shadows

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Description of Granny Hidden Skull Shadows

Welcome to Granny Hidden Skull Shadows which is a horror-themed puzzle game. Your task in this game is to find 10 skull shadows in the given time.

Are you a person who is very good at finding hidden items? Show your ability to find objects in this Granny Hidden Skull Shadows game with a horror design. This game has 6 different areas divided by level of increasing difficulty. Each area will have 10 hidden skulls. Find all 10 skulls in an area to move to the next area. You should look closely at every detail in the photo to find signs of a skull. After you spot their shadow, use your mouse to click on it. Thus, that skull will appear. In addition, you only have a certain amount of time to complete the task of a level in this game. If the time runs out and you still haven't succeeded, you will have to start at that level again. Finally, to know more about the image of granny, let's check out the Granny game.