Granny House

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About Granny House

Are you confident that you can escape the horror Granny monster? Come to creepy Granny House to challenge yourself and find your answer. Break a leg!

Overview of the game

Granny is probably no longer a strange name for everyone anymore. People are often scared to mention this name and they do not know that Granny is actually a monster or a ghost. You are brave and want to find the fact whether Granny really exists or not. You have come to Granny's house in rumors which is Granny House. However, after experiencing the terror of the mansion and the grandmother, your objective is now to escape the eerie Granny House. You must strive to solve each of the problems, and you will be necessary to escape from a number of difficult circumstances. To successfully escape, you must walk softly, avoid making noise, and maintain a safe distance from the grandma.