Granny Jigsaw

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Arrange the puzzle pieces to form a complete picture in the Granny Jigsaw game. Challenge yourself with different levels while having fun with this puzzle game.

The mission in Granny Jigsaw

The moments of running away from grandma monsters in Grandma can pause and start a new journey. This journey will be more interesting and light. Your task in this game is to arrange the pieces to create a complete picture with a granny theme. Get ready for the perfect pictures and discover the story behind them.

The pictures in Granny Jigsaw

The game provides 12 different images corresponding to 12 interesting stories. You must complete each picture to be able to unlock the images behind. In addition, this jigsaw game also divides levels for players to have a better experience. In specific, there are 3 modes: easy, medium, and hard. In the easy modes, a picture is divided into 25 pieces. 49 pieces will be combined to create a picture in the medium mode. Finally, a picture will be divided into 100 pieces in the hard mode. The puzzle pieces are very small when they are divided into 100 pieces. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to complete this level. Challenge yourself!