Granny Kill 2

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Granny Kill 2 is an interesting game from the developer Duzzil. In this game, you try to destroy all the granny monsters with your machine gun.

The mission of the game

As I mentioned earlier, you have to kill all the granny monsters in this game. Specifically, you will use a machine gun and enter the lair of granny monsters to eliminate all of them. The special feature of this game is that when you enter their house, you and the monster will not be able to move. Therefore, you must take advantage of the terrain to shoot bombs at their location. Only when you kill all the granny monsters in that area, you are able to move to the next areas. You continue to kill monsters one by one to complete the quest.

Features of the game

  • There are many areas corresponding to the levels in this game. Of course, the difficulty of each area will increase as there are more granny monsters.
  • You will earn rewards for killing monsters. You can use those rewards to improve your weapons.
  • The number of bombs is infinite. Therefore, do not hesitate to shoot those monsters.