Granny Puzzle

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About Granny Puzzle

Granny Puzzle is a puzzle game with interesting images of the Granny ghost. Your task in this game is to match the fragments into a complete picture.

The rule of the game

As I said earlier, arranging the pieces of the picture into a complete picture is the task of the player. Players will be shown a complete picture for a certain amount of time before the picture is broken. You must pay attention that you only have a certain amount of time to complete this work. If the time ends and you still haven't finished the picture, the game is over. Although this game is designed with a horror theme, the graphics of the game is not horror but simple and interesting. Therefore, everyone is able to play Granny Puzzle, especially children. After you finish a picture, you will solve the next one with a more difficult level. Could you finish all the pictures in the allotted time? Good luck! If you want to play more exciting games, you can enjoy Scary Granny Horror Game and Backrooms: SCP 173.

Features of the game

  • Easy to play by using the mouse to drag the pieces.
  • One-player mode but players can find helps from their friends.
  • Multiple levels and full-screen are available.