Horror Nights Story

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Come to Horror Nights Story to experience a survival action game. Standing in an old mine, think about how to go out of it and try to escape from the monsters.

Survive through five nights in Horror Nights Story

Have you ever wondered what's under the dilapidated cellars or old mines? With the Horror Nights Story game, you will have a chance to transform into a miner and experience an adventure in a mine. In specific, when you are working in a mine, there is a terrible thing happening. You are pulled into the deep of the mine by a monster. You don't know the way to go out. Therefore, your responsibility now is to dig a way to escape the evil creatures that are following you. A hoe and a bomb are what you use to create a road. Besides, you just have five nights to escape. Five nights are over and you cannot go out, you will die due to the shortage of food and drink.

Interesting features of the game

  • Like the Five Nights at Freddy's game, while you are running away, let's be cautious with monsters.
  • There are three gameplay scenes in the game.
  • Cool 3D Minecraft-style graphics will bring you interesting moments.
  • Horror sound effects will make you feel more dramatic.