Horror Tale

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Welcome to Horror Tale which is also called Horror Tale: Kidnapper. In this game, you will be with your friend Harry to rescue the children from kidnappers.

The context of Horror Tale

The peaceful land of Lakewitch suddenly appeared with many disappearances of children. You and your friend Harry are in the process of finding the cause of these disappearances. Where did the kids go and who did this will be questions you often ask yourself while playing this game. Explore this horror game and bring the kids back to its family.

On that rescue journey, you have to face a lot of difficulties and challenges. Puzzles, moments of icy fear, screams, unexpected turns, and lots of fun are waiting for you to discover. Besides, if you want the scary kidnapper not to get to you, try to fortify the tree house.

Interesting features of the Horror Tale: Kidnapper game

  • The mysterious and fascinating story is one of the things that attracts players. They want to uncover and solve mysteries that others cannot.
  • The horror game offers scary villains and interesting characters about a kidnapper.
  • Solve puzzles and search for items to complete the missions of this horror game.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with realistic first-person perspective.
  • Players can experience 5 diverse locations in this game.