Impostor But Huggy Wuggy

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Get ready to help Pro and Noob patrol and protect their allies in the Impostor But Huggy Wuggy game. Let's see if you are enough brave to against the Huggy Wuggy monster or not.

What is the Impostor But Huggy Wuggy game?

Welcome to the horror game inspired by the famous game Among US. When you enter this game, the monster Huggy Wuggy is waiting for you. Specifically, Huggy Wuggy is on a spacecraft and it is looking for crews to kill them. Your mission is to patrol and confront this monster to protect the crews.

You perform this task by moving around the ship, especially the abandoned dark roads of the ship. Be careful because Huggy Wuggy can be behind you. In addition, try to open the cell with the fastest key possible. Are you ready to be with the Pro and Noob character? Good luck!

Instruction to play Impostor But Huggy Wuggy

  • Pay attention to the status of the crew members. If they are in a state of being confined, rescue them.
  • Use the key to open the cage and receive a crystal as a reward. You can use it to unlock other characters like Pro, hackers, God, and Even Huggy.
  • The spacecraft is very large with many different areas. Be careful and avoid being lost.