Kick the Buddy

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Kick the Buddy is a must-have 3D game developed by Playgendary Limited development. Get ready to throw knives at Buddy to earn more and more money.

How the Kick the Buddy game works

If you are looking for a simple and fun game for your free time, Kich the Buddy will be a perfect game. This game has a bit of a deadly element but is still suitable for all players of all ages and genders. Specifically, the main character in this game is Buddy who is a puppet. The gameplay of this game is that you use the knife and throw it at Buddy. Each time you hit Buddy, you will receive a coin. The more knives you throw, the more damage Buddy takes, and the more gold you have. Finally, if you want to play a more frightening game, let's enjoy Granny: Chapter Two.

Interesting features of the game

  • The original Buddy character will be very simple when it has no clothes, hats, or other jewelry. You can buy them with the money you earn to help Buddy become more attractive.
  • At the beginning of this game, your weapons are just ordinary knives. However, you can also upgrade your arsenal into pistols, rifles, or bombs. The higher the damage, the more money you will earn.