Last Mage Standing

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Welcome to one of the most famous multiplayer io games called Last Mage Standing. Your mission is to destroy all opponents and dominate the leaderboard.

Instruction of Last Mage Standing

When you enter the game Last Mage Standing, the first thing you see is the basic instructions for playing this game. Specifically, you will use WASD or arrow keys to move the character. The computer mouse is used to aim and attack. Once you know how to control the character, you will start the game immediately. You are moved to an area where there are many other online players. Use the character's skills to destroy them. Besides, if you are destroyed by an opponent, a grave will symbolize that and you will be resurrected in another place. What you need to do now is continue to participate in battles.

Interesting features of the game

Various maps

There are many play areas designed with distinct characteristics. After each level, you will be transported from one location to another to conduct battles with different opponents.

Various characters

Last Mage Standing offers players a variety of characters that vary in appearance and gender. In addition, each character has their own skills and weapons. For example, the character Piro is gifted with magic, so his weapon is a magic staff. Besides, Kadira has a natural talent for shooting arrows so her weapon is a bow. There are many other characters as well. However, you can only use 3 characters when you first start playing this game. When you reach a certain level, you can unlock other characters with more amazing skills.