Masked Forces

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Let's show your shooting skills and get fun in the Masked Forces game. Be with our brave soldiers to participate in fierce and deadly battles.

Deadly shooting battles in Masked Forces

This is a 3D shooting game with a first-person perspective. Players will transform into soldiers with great shooting abilities in this game. With the gun in hand, look around to find enemies, and destroy them. Don't forget to create a cool nickname for yourself. Kill as many enemies as possible to become the winner with the most kills.

When moving around the area to search for enemies, you should stand in a hidden position so that the enemy cannot see you. If they detect you, you will become their prey. You can hide behind big rocks, crates, etc to accomplish this.

Many great features in Masked Forces

  • There are many types of guns that the player can use: a revolver, a slugger, a Thompson, and even a HMG light machine gun.
  • Great graphics about a dead and dangerous area for the shooters. It reminds you of the Counter-Strike style.
  • The character that you control in this game is an elite masked warrior. You can upgrade your character when you have a certain achievement.