Noob vs Evil Granny

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About Noob vs Evil Granny

Noob vs Evil Granny is a zombie-themed rescue game created by Danny Games. Let's rescue your girlfriend by defeating all zombies and Evil Granny.

Your girlfriend is suddenly missing and there is no sign that allows you to find her whereabouts. After a few days of searching, the policemen could not find any clues. One day, you receive an anonymous letter that reveals your girlfriend's location. However, the letter does say that you are only allowed to come alone or your lover will die. With no other choice, you are determined to find your girlfriend with a knife in hand. When you reach the address in the letter, you will be attacked by a lot of zombies. These zombies are controlled by Evil Granny. Defeat all these zombies as well as the Evil Granny boss to rescue your girlfriend. You can pick up better weapons in the search for a girlfriend. Pick up those weapons and continue the journey. In addition, Evil Granny has a boss in Granny, you can go there to completely destroy them.