Office Horror Story

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Are you a brave person? Do you like the kind of horror game? If your answer is yes, don't hesitate to enter the frightening game named Office Horror Story. There is a horror office waiting for you to explore in Office Horror Story. Your goal is to escape from and find out the horrifying story about Mad Killer.

Description of Office Horror Story

The context of the Office Horror Story game is that there is an office and only you are working night-shift there. One bad thing happened when a killer on the loose broke into the office. He is trying to find and kill you because you see his face. Therefore, your duty now is to escape from his pursuit in order to protect yourself. Let's take advantage of your familiarity with the office to hide. Are you ready? After you run away successfully, let's try other horror games such as Granny and Granny: Chapter Two.

How to control

It's extremely important to know how to control your character well. First, you use the W, A, S, and D keys to walk around and slide your computer mouse to look around. Your left and right mouse buttons will assist you to fire and aim. Besides, you can use your mouse wheel to change weapons at the appropriate times. Moreover, the G, F, X, left shift and left CTRL are used for grenades, picking up items, prone, running, and crouching.