Piggy Escape From Pig

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Being locked in the horror house in Piggy Escape From Pig, your aim is to find out the key and escape from the horror Pig. Are you confident to complete it?

What you experience in the Piggy Escape From Pig

If you are a brave person who wants to experience scary things, don't hesitate to play Piggy Escape From Pig immediately. There is an evil pig that monopolized a house and makes it the scariest place. The evil pig always holds a baseball bat and kills anyone if it encounters it. You are in an extreme situation when you are locked in this terrible house. Different from the Wednesday and Slendermen game, in order to survive and go out of this house, let's move gently and find the key to the exit door. No one knows where is the key, so you have to explore every room in this frightening place. In the case that you encounter an evil pig, running away is the best suggestion for you.

Some information players need to know

  • To control the game character, let's use arrow keys. Besides, you can press the E key to interact with the items.
  • If you want to restart the game, you can press the ESC button.
  • You can also adjust many features such as sound, music, language, etc by accessing Options.