Poppy Granny

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Welcome to the Poppy Granny game which will provide you unique scary time! Let's take part in the game to become and experience a fugitive or a ghost.

The mission of the game

As with other granny games such as Granny or Granny's Mansion, the context of this game is that you are lost in a terrible house. However, you in this game have to encounter a different monster named Poppy Granny not grandma anymore. Try hard to complete the puzzle to receive hints for the key to the exit door. The key is hidden somewhere in this terrible house. If you aren't quick, the monster will come and eliminate you.

The game modes of this game

This horror game provides players with 4 game modes including Ghost, Easy, Classic, and Heavy. Below are the details of each mode:

  • In the ghost mode, you will transform into a ghost and conduct your duty. Of course, if you are a ghost, no one can't see you.
  • In the easy mode, the monsters like grandma and grandpa will run at a slow speed. As a result, the possibility of you escaping is very high.
  • In the classic mode, you conduct the mission of the game as normal to win.
  • In the heavy mode, you have to battle with the monsters which own a fast speed. If the monsters see you, it's highly likely that you cannot run away.