Poppy Granny Play Time

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About Poppy Granny Play Time

Are you ready to enter the horror world of Poppy Granny Play Time? Come and experience this Huggy Wuggy escape adventure and find the mystery.

Background of the game

When you open your eyes in the world of Poppy Granny Play Time, you recognize yourself alone in the toy factory. All colleagues and participants mysteriously disappeared. Instead of waiting for everyone to come back or someone to rescue you, you decide to find your own way out. You explore the factory to learn what happened to those folks, which you will learn via numerous movies.

During your search, you discover in this game factory there is a toy monster with life named Huggy Wuggy. It has a blue color, sharp teeth, and large hands. When it encounters you, it will chase and kill you. Therefore, don't hesitate to run now before it's too late. Are you confident that you will escape from Huggy Wuggy's clutches and escape from the game factory? Let's show us!

Instructions to control

  • To move, use the mouse to click on the four-way button.
  • To switch between standing up and sitting down, click on the stickman symbol.