Scary Granny Horror Game

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About Scary Granny Horror Game

Take part in the Scary Granny Horror Game to play one of the most horror granny games. Your task is to try to survive and escape the granny ghost.

Welcome to the Scary Granny Horror Game! In this game, the granny monster has tickled you into a horror house and it is confident that no one can escape it. Also if you run away, it will kill you. Are you scared? Will you listen to it and lock yourself in that spooky house or run away? Defeat that spooky granny by trying to escape. You should move very gently, and explore every nook and cranny in that horror house to find the exit door. If you make a noise, find somewhere to hide, such as under the bed or closet. After the spooky granny leaves, you continue your escape mission.

Features of the game