Scary Maze

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Scary Maze is a creepy sports game where your mission is to escape from the maze by finding the key that opens the gate within the allotted time.

Description of the game

In the game, you will be a character locked in a dark labyrinth that is very scary because it limits visibility and makes it difficult to see everything. There are also a lot of ghosts and zombies, which can be scary when you first see them. But you are not suffering any risk from them. They can only frighten you. They cannot kill you. You need to control your character to find the key hidden in this maze and then open the gate to get away.

The process of finding the key to exit the maze is very difficult. There are almost no hints for you and time is also very limited. Therefore, you need to quickly get out of the maze before time is up. This game presents a big challenge for you to overcome. It trains you for your brave to promptly complete tasks. Whether within 5 minutes you can escape this horror maze or not.

Features of Scary Maze

This game brings itself a lot of great features. Below are some ultimate ones:

  • Realistic and thrilling sound effects create a scary feeling for players.
  • Unique graphic design.
  • Single-player.
  • The simple task is highly stimulating.