Sharkosaurus Rampage

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Release the anger of Sharkosaurus in the Sharkosaurus Rampage game by destroying everything. Are you ready to show the cruelty of the monster?

Destroying everything in Sharkosaurus Rampage

Mad scientists have researched and created a monster that resembles a shark but has legs and can move on the ground. It is named Sharkosaurus which has tremendous power. Sharkosaurus hates humans and wants to destroy everything that has hurt him all this time. Come to free Sharkosaurus and unleash its fury after days of being experimented on.

Press the left mouse button so that Sharkosaurus can bite the switch and escape from the cage. After escaping from the cage, control it to move around the laboratory area to start the revenge day. 16 levels corresponding to 16 different areas are waiting for you. Let's start with level 1 and move on to the next level when killing all crucial people there. The game will have some hints for you when encountering destructible applications to increase strength. Enjoy the game!

Features of the Sharkosaurus Rampage

  • One player
  • Simple control
  • Full-screen mode
  • Suitable for all people
  • Attractive graphics and interesting sound effects