Shell Shockers

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Get ready to enter the Shell Shockers game and battle with other online eggs. Show your shooting skills in eliminating others and being the best shooter.

What is the Shell Shockers game about?

As everyone may know, Shell Shockers is a multiplayer shooter io game with interesting graphics. Each egg represents an online player participating in the shooting arena. Each person's task is to defeat their opponent with aiming and shooting skills. The ability to avoid enemy attacks is also an important skill to be able to become the best shooter. Taking advantage of the area's terrain, hide behind buildings, walls, etc. to avoid enemy bullets. Are you ready to join this crazy gun battle? Stupid Zombies is also a fun shooting game that you can try after this one.

How to play Shell Shockers

It can be said that knowing well how to play is one of the most important things to be able to win any game. In this shooting game, your egg character is moved by using WASD or Arrow Keys. To jump, shoot, and aim, you use the spacebar, left mouse button, and L-shift respectively. Don't forget to throw a grenade and reload your gun with the Q and R keys.

In addition, Shell Shockers offers players to battle alone or in a team. If you are a player with good teamwork skills, do not hesitate to make friends with other online players to fight. You can also invite your friends to join play this shooting game. Good luck!