Short Life

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Overcome thousands of deadly obstacles in the Short Life game to be an exception. Doing everything you can to prolong your life is your goal in this game.

What is Short Life?

Maybe the game's name Short Life has partly said something about a short life. Indeed, the players usually only exist for a short period of time and very few people can conquer it. Why? Let's discover its cause together!

This game is designed with thousands of deadly obstacles at each level. At each level, the dangers from the barriers will be greater such as rolling barrels and exploding mines. Besides, the game requires players to overcome those dangerous obstacles. Different types of traps will give different levels of damage. There are obstacles that only cause your character to be slightly injured, but there are others that can stop you from playing there. Be careful to have a long life!

Some more information about Short Life

  • This game is created by GameTornado and has more than levels.
  • You can control your character to jump, crouch, run, and hold with the mouse and keyboard.
  • The platforms' Desktop browser, Android app, and Steam are available for people to enjoy the game.