Siren Apocalyptic

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About Siren Apocalyptic

Welcome to Siren Apocalyptic to enjoy an exciting first-person shooter. Your job is to install cameras around the entire island and locate the agent's hideout.

How to play

In this game, your mission is to explore a mysterious and perilous island as a secret agent. Find the hiding place of the previous agent who stopped communicating and vanished. There is a box in this residence. Open the box and distribute the cameras throughout the island. Be vigilant! You must contend with numerous hazardous beasts. Try to aim precisely and eliminate all enemies you encounter along the road. To evade the monsters' onslaught, run as quickly as possible or remain inside the house. Examine the mini-map in the upper left corner of the display to determine where you and your opponents are. Make every effort to locate the prior agent and remove him from the island.

This game features both a Hard Mode and a Normal Mode. Select Normal Mode if you are on the verge of discovering this game. If you have mastered this game, you should play in Hard Mode. Come on, now! Click the Start button to begin playing this game and demonstrate your shooting abilities.