Slendrina Must Die: The Asylum

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Get ready to join the horror game called Slendrina Must Die: The Asylum with the return of Slendrina Must Die. Try to stay alive and find 8 Old Medical Books in the Abandoned Asylum.

How to play Slendrina Must Die: The Asylum

The game is set in an abandoned asylum in which Slendrina and her mother exist. You have a mission to collect 8 Old Medical Books there which are extremely important documents in the medical field. Are you ready to enter the horror journey and complete your mission? Collecting weapons and obtaining potions are necessary steps in this journey. There are 3 types of weapons for you to use in this game including a gun, MP5, and shotgun. Besides, she tries to survive the pursuit of Slendrina and her evil witch mother and search for clues. Good luck!

How to control

In order to complete the objective, don't forget to know well how to control your game character. The way to control this game is quite similar to the Granny: Chapter Two game. To walk around, you use the W A S D keys. Slide the mouse to look around and click the left and right mouse buttons to fire and aim. If you want to change weapons, use the mouse wheel. Moreover, you use G, R, F, X, and V to activate the grenade, reload, pick up items, prone, and melee, respectively. Of course, don't forget to run and crouch by using Left Shift and Left CTRL.