Squid Challenge

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Welcome to Squid Challenge which is a challenging survival game. In the game, you are stuck in a weird place and have to win a lot of deadly games to escape.

The rule of the game

It's sure that Squid Challenge is extremely familiar to players in the gaming world. It has the original film series Squide Game in which many people receive a mysterious invitation to participate in a survival game. This film series has been a storming topic for a long time. After that, the Squid Challenge game is launched and becomes the hottest game.

As I said earlier, participants in the game will take part in a lot of mini-survival games. After you win a round, you will be transported to another round. Of course, you get yourself a reward for your previous win. Do not hurry to be happy because your goal is to conquer all challenges in the Squid Challenge. If you cannot win, the price for a loser is your game character's life.

How to control

Use your computer mouse and arrow keys to play.