Stupid Zombies

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Do not hesitate to join the journey to kill zombies in the Stupid Zombies game. Try to be the best zombie hunter in history in this puzzle zombie shooting game.

The mission of Stupid Zombies

Unconscious zombies are trying to destroy humans. You are the best shooter and are considered humanity's last hope in the process of eliminating zombies. Use your shooting skill to destroy the stupid zombies out there and become a hero.

In specific, you will move to locations where many zombies are concentrated to perform tasks in this game. Your only weapon is a gun with 5 bullets. You must still take advantage of the terrain to be able to kill all zombies with these 5 bullets. Remember that you cannot move when facing zombies. The only thing you can do is use YOUR MOUSE to navigate and shoot. You will move to the next location to continue your mission after you kill all the zombies in the previous area. Finally, don't forget Stupid Zombies 2 is waiting for you.

Developer and release date

MarketJS is the game developer which launched this zombie shooting game in 2022. This game designed with the zombie theme allows players to enjoy on every platform.