The House

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About The House

It's time to be a detective and explore a mysterious death of a family in The House. To decipher this secret, you must notice to every detail in the house.

There is a mysterious abandoned house that has existed for a long time. This home was constructed in 1970, and the whole family was believed to have committed themselves for no apparent cause. Let's take part in The House game to determine the causes of their deaths and uncover the mystery in the abandoned home. You have to click on various things in this house to find signs and hints.

At the beginning of the game, you will enter the bedroom of a little child. To discover why the kid died, click the ball and the family portrait on the door. The next room is a bathroom with blood splattered over the toilet and tub. Click on a healing potion on the ground and a message on the glass to determine the mother's cause of death. Proceed to the kitchen, where you will find the body of a female student. Don't be frightened! Now, go to the living room to investigate the father's death mystery. Your ultimate goal is a tunnel that reveals every secret. Are you ready? Don't forget to check out Cabin Horror and Grandpa & Granny 4 after the game.