Three Nights at Fred

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Welcome to Three Nights at Fred which is one of the standout games of the FNAF series. Trying to survive 3 days in the spooky pizzeria is your mission.

How to play

You are hired as a security guard at a pizzeria for 3 days with a very high salary. The mission requires you to make sure nothing unusual happens. However, this pizzeria at night often appears a few spooky things and they are getting rid of you. Therefore, your responsibility now is to try to survive and make sure not to be defeated by the evil animatronics chasing you. If you can safely spend 3 days here, you'll definitely enjoy working at Five Nights at Freddy's, Baldi's Basics, and Magic Cat Academy.

A few interesting things in this horror game

  • You are free to choose which animatronic toy will be your enemy from one of three options: Fred, Foxy, and Fred and Foxy.
  • It is one of the most outstanding and most welcome horror adventure games in FNAF.
  • Background with creepy graphics and sounds will bring you a true experience.